Hi.  I’m Margo.

As I introduce you to my site I’m on an old fishing boat sailing the Adriatic for a week with 23 other passengers. I wake up each morning looking out at mountainous islands, ancient towns, feeling a sweet breeze, and the rocking of a gentle sea bathed in sunlight.

I’m blessed. Not just by this beautiful trip but also by a life of wonderful adventures, some of which I pursued intentionally and others which found me.    I’ve had interesting careers working with students and educators, philanthropists and nonprofits. Now I simply enjoy the fruits of those efforts.

I live in Paris, having moved here from Los Angeles in November of 2017, accompanied by three suitcases followed by three boxes. The story of why and how I moved to France and others from the past or being created in the present will be shared here.  Stay tuned, come back, and enjoy the journey with me!